Toothache is a very common oral ailment.

It can be caused by a number of things ranging from mild to severe. This includes debris lodged between the teeth, a lost filling, broken tooth, receding gums, dental abscess, gum ulcers, sinusitis, and most commonly tooth decay. Toothache pain can range from minor to very painful, so it is important to give us a call in order to set up an appointment.

You should call us as soon as possible. Don’t leave a toothache untreated for longer than one-two days. The longer it is left untreated, the worse the pain and discomfort will be. Studies by the American Heart Association have shown that oral tooth decay can even increase the risk for heart disease. Infection can occur if a toothache is not treated and this can lead to a dental abscess and an increase in pain. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help ease your pain and discomfort until you can get in the office to see us.

Preventing toothache is simple by having excellent dental and oral hygiene. In addition to making sure your teeth and gums are healthy, you should limit sugary foods and drinks. These can harm your tooth enamel and cause cavities or tooth decay. As usual, be sure to brush twice a day and don’t forget to floss. Most importantly don’t smoke. Smoking can not only affect the health of your respiratory system, but also your oral health.

Be sure to take care of your teeth between cleanings. Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. Don’t skip flossing!! Flossing is an important step to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Also, use a mouthwash to help control bacteria that could lead to plaque and tarter meanwhile keeping your breath fresh!